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Straight answers needed on insurance


janosullivanCITY councillor Maurice Quinlivan is demanding that Minister of State Jan O’Sullivan gives straight answers on the Government’s plans for flood victims who have no insurance.

The Sinn Fein councillor said he was “disappointed” with Deputy O’Sullivan’s performance on RTE Primetime last Monday.

“She was asked several times if people who had no insurance would get help from the Government. Each time she avoided giving a straight answer. She was also asked what the Government would do for people whose homes are uninsurable but she didn’t shed any light on this. It was virtually impossible for people in the whole King’s Island to get insurance that would cover flooding,” said Cllr Quinlivan.

“Many viewers would have concluded that Minister O’Sullivan was merely bluffing and had not seriously considered what needs to happen to help the flood victims. They need a straight answer from the Minister,” he said.

Meanwhile, Anti Austerity Alliance spokesperson Cian Prendiville called on the Government to assure residents that the costs of repairing houses not covered by insurance would be paid by the State.

“This must not be used as an excuse to further push people out of this community,” he added.

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