Irish Water making a mockery of Limerick householders

Christy McInerney
Christy McInerney

IRISH Water has been accused of making a mockery of Limerick homeowners by seeking a €100 standing charge from every household before they turn on their taps.

Fianna Fail local election candidate for City North Christy McInerney is calling on the Government to honour a commitment to provide households in Limerick City with a free water allowance, instead of forcing them to pay a hefty charge before any water is even used.

He says it’s time Environment Minister Phil Hogan to put people before politics and provide some clarity to households about the charges that come into affect in six months time.

“Over the past two years, the Government has made several promises to households in Limerick City that they would receive a free allowance of water to cover basic usage. It now looks like this will be added to the ever-growing list of broken promises from Fine Gael and Labour,” said Mr McInerney.

“Far from receiving a free water allowance as promised, we are now told that Irish Water wants to force every single household in Limerick City to pay €100 before they even turn on their taps. They will then clock up water charges of several hundred euro on top of the standing charge,” he commented.

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He went on to accuse Minister Hogan of dodging every single question about how much households in Limerick City will have to pay for their water.

“It’s becoming glaringly obvious that the Government is doing everything it can to avoid coming clean about this issue ahead of the local and European elections in a cynical attempt to salvage as many votes as possible,” he added.