Safety concerns in Limerick over Ahane road

Marian Hurley
Marian Hurley

FINE Gael local election candidate for City East, Marian Hurley, has raised concerns with Limerick City and County Council about road safety issues on the Ahane Road between the national school and church.

According to Ms Hurley, the existing footpath is in a chronic state and in some places barely usable. She says there is a very real problem with lack of maintenance on the existing footpath and the serious neglect on the other side of the road, where foliage is growing wild.

“There have been a number of incidents on this road in recent times, and I am very worried that lives are in danger on this stretch,” she said.

She also highlighted the anxiety expressed by parents of pupils who need to travel to church in preparation for Holy Communion.

“The only safe way to travel is by car, as the footpath is not an option in its present state. I will campaign to ensure the footpath is repaired and maintained on this stretch of road, as a matter of priority. I am putting pressure on the Roads Department of Limerick City and County Council to put a viable solution in place, as soon as possible,” she added.

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