Limerick patients put at risk as HSE closes chronic illness treatment unit

Malachy McCreesh
Malachy McCreesh

HUNDREDS of patients from across Limerick and the Mid-West suffering from chronic illnesses have had vital treatment put on hold at Nenagh Hospital due to a lack of a registrar.

Limerick patients attending Nenagh Hospital to receive essential medical treatments that keep chronic illnesses such as Crohns Disease and Arthritis in remission were recently informed that its Infusion Unit would be closed until further notice. Many patients from Limerick must travel to Nenagh on a regular basis for treatment as there is no alternative treatment centre in the city.


Local Sinn Fein candidate for City West, Malachy McCreesh, told the Limerick Post that he has been approached by a number of patients and was calling on the HSE to urgently address the matter.

“These are patients who suffer from chronic illnesses and the hospital was unable to confirm when the unit would re-open. The infusions they receive are essential to keep their illness at bay,” he explained.

He claims the HSE knew in advance that the Registrar was leaving, and there was no excuse for not taking action to ensure it remained open.

He added that it could end up costing the HSE much more if the unit does not reopen quickly as patients may require full time hospital care.

A spokesperson for the HSE said it was “extremely regrettable that we had to suspend the infusion centre in Nenagh for a few days this week but every effort has been made to secure a locum registrar and the unit will resume from next Monday.”