Pop-up shop to raise funds for building schools


Vera O'Dwyer and Patsy Walshby Martha Ewence

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TWO county Limerick sisters Vera O’Dwyer and Patsy Walsh of Cappagh have volunteered to participate with The Niall Mellon Township Trust in a building blitz in November 2014 in the Eastern Cape of South Africa as a tribute to the late Nelson Mandela.

The Trust has built homes for 125,000 impoverished South Africans since 2002.

The ladies are holding a ‘pop-up’ shop in Patrickswell on Saturday June 14, opening at 10am. The shop will be located next to The Well Barber on the Main Street. On the day they will be selling homemade cakes, tarts, cookies, jam, marmalade and a host of craft items. CDs, Books and an array of used items looking for a new home, will also be available to buy.

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The sister told Limerick Post, “We are participating in the Blitz as a tribute to Nelson Mandela and also to our wonderful brother, James, who having traveled to Kenya in the nineties and saw first hand the lack of education facilities, promised to return when he retired to help build/repair schools. Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be as James’ life ended tragically in a work accident in 2001.”