AAA brings protest politics to Limerick Council


Best picTHE Anti Austerity Alliance brought their brand of ‘protest politics’ from the city’s streets to the front-lines of local government with a call for a campaign of “civil disobedience” and non-payment of water taxes at the first ever meeting of Limerick City and County Council.

In a passionate speech, first time councillor Cian Prendiville said Limerick’s three AAA councillors would stand with local communities in building an opposition to Irish Water.

HE said the people of Limerick sent a clear message at the ballot box to ‘lift the burden of austerity’, but now the Council look set to ignore that message.

“That is nowhere more obvious than on the issue of water charges. The proposed new water tax was the single biggest issue in the elections, on the doorsteps and in the polls. And it was decisevely rejected on May 23,” he declared.

He went on say that water meters had nothing to do with conservation but everything to do with privatisation. It was not enough to have a new council, but a new policy and a new approach were also needed.

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“I would point back 95 years, to the Limerick Soviet, when the Trades Council ran this City, for an inspirational example of a council genuinely run in the interest of the 99 per cent. This council now has five years to organise a proper celebration for the centenary of that important chapter in our history,” he said.