Bloodmill Road expansion should be Limerick Council priority


Bloodmill RoadSINN Fein comhairleoir Séighin Ó Ceallaigh has proposed works for Bloodmill Road as part of the continuation of the Castletroy Area Plan as a “priority”.

According to Cmhlr Ó Ceallaigh, Bloodmill Road is currently a “glorified bóithrín which has now become an important route in an ever expanding Limerick City”.

While this particular area of Limerick East has expanded with estates such as Castletroy View and Glenbrook, he insists that the road system has not been upgraded to coincide with local development.

“The part of this road between Claughaun GAA and the shopping facility is of a very high standard, but just up the road there is a major bottleneck with the road arguably not fit for purpose,” he claimed.

Cmhlr Ó Ceallaigh maintains that the road needs to be expanded to allow for a safe two-way system to be introduced

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“At present, if two cars meet, one has to pull into a ditch, and there are no road markings on the part of the road I am referring to, which is neither acceptable nor safe for local residents,” he explained.

He is now looking for the road to be expanded under the Castletroy Area Plan. He claims that many locals are too afraid to travel this road due to the fact that the road is “unsafe”.

“We have to face the fact that Limerick is growing, which I am delighted about, but we have to ensure that we expand our roads in order for this increase in traffic, for the safety of all in the area,”  he concluded.