City Hall’s evening expo for Made in Limerick €2.3m works


by Rose Rushe


Rehearsing 'The Táin' which received €57K through the Made in Limerick strand. Left, Darren 'Jelly' O'Kane, Michelle 'Mystique' Lukmani, Barry 'Bazzy B' Burke and Chris 'FluidGirl' Young-Ginzburg Photo: Shane Serrano
Rehearsing ‘The Táin’ which received €57K through the Made in Limerick strand. Left, Darren ‘Jelly’ O’Kane, Michelle ‘Mystique’ Lukmani, Barry ‘Bazzy B’
Burke and Chris ‘FluidGirl’ Young-Ginzburg
Photo: Shane Serrano

‘MADE in Limerick’, the strand of projects originating locally and deemed eligible for funding though City of Culture, has an evening showcase today Friday 11 from 5pm to 7pm at City Hall. A year ago at least 350 ideas for this Made in Limerick scheme had been received by the vetting process, overseen by Limerick Arts Officer Sheila Deegan, then artistic director Karl Wallace and team support.

Ultimately, funds of €2.3million became available for 109 of these. A primary project is ‘The Táin’ which opens in Milk Market on July 20 for six nights and will charge just €5/ €10 a head, thanks to City of Culture and support by Dance Ireland.

Re today’s expo for the 100+ visual and performance projects introduced to the community: “This is an event we are greatly looking forward to as a showcase of the creativity, capacity and can-do attitude that the National City of Culture designation has mobilised and released in Limerick’s cultural community,” says City of Culture chairman Pat Cox,  “and an opportunity to recognise, applaud and promote their valued and indispensable contribution”.

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Limerick National City of Culture Arts & Culture manager, Sheila Deegan made the point that “as we are in the final half of the year, this will be a fascinating occasion for the public to see our investment in indigenous projects from all over Limerick, so far.

“We have seen some amazing projects unfold over the past six months, and we have yet to see some more fascinating projects as the National City of Culture comes to a close in these final few months”.

 City Hall’s open doors are to encourage participation, publicity and enhanced knowledge of the purpose and quality of Made in Limerick.