Calling all Limerick gameshow aficionados!


image003Who knows you best – your nearest and dearest… or a computer? Think you could beat a computer and win a large cash prize? You only have a few days left to find out!

Applications close at midnight this Friday, July 25, for TV3’s new game show, The Algorithm – the ultimate game show when it comes to man versus machine.

Playing for big money in each game, a small group of family and friends will try to predict the preferences of a loved one who is answering for themselves within a sound proof box on stage. But there’s a lurking threat…The Algorithm! Pre-loaded with information on our player and the results from a national survey, The Algorithm will start making predictions of its own.

So will a computer prove it knows your family and friends better than you do, or can you beat the machine and get the cash!?

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If you think this sounds like the game for you and your gang, and want to be in with a chance to win serious cash, apply at Filming will take place at TV3 studios in Dublin in late August.