Minister backs abortion vote

Jan O'Sullivan, the Limerick minister who will be involved in the launch of the new energuy initiative "Let's Conserve Energy Together Better."
Education Minister Jan O'Sullivan
Education Minister Jan O’Sullivan

EDUCATION Minister Jan O’Sullivan said she would be in favour of a future government holding another referendum on abortion, following the recent case in which a young woman denied a termination had her baby delivered prematurely by caesarian section.

Minister O’Sullivan said her first reaction was one of concern for the woman and her child.

“There are still a number of unanswered questions around aspects of this case and I welcome the HSE inquiry, which will establish the facts.”

Regarding the possibility of a further referendum on abortion in Ireland, the Labour Minister said: “I am of the view that the people will have to be consulted on this issue again. In particular, the current legislation doesn’t provide protection for women whose pregnancy won’t go to full term or where there is no chance of life for the foetus outside the womb. I am in favour of amending the constitution so that these women are given equal protection.”

Minister O’Sullivan concluded: “At the last general election, the Labour Party stated clearly that it would legislate for the X case if in Government. We have done that and that is as far as our mandate from the people goes. Further change in constitution requires a new mandate and that is something we need to debate firstly in the Labour Party and then clearly put to the people.”

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