Just the ticket for ‘cheeky’ Limerick councillor

Sean carBETWEEN foreign junkets and travel expenses, councillors have plenty of perks to make their political lives more cushy.

Alas, as this photograph taken by an irate by-passer shows, free on-street parking in the city is not one of them. Rather than pay the €2 to park his car in a disc parking zone in the Mary Street area of the city this Monday afternoon, one Sinn Féin councillor opted to leave a note on his dashboard stating, “This car belongs to Cllr Séighin Ó Ceallaigh”.

Unfortunately, the daring sign did not deter local authority traffic wardens from issuing 22-year-old Cmhlr Ó Ceallaigh with a €40 parking fine.

The onlooker who took the photograph of the poll-topping City East councillor’s car commented, “The audacity of him. It was just so cheeky that he felt he didn’t need a parking disc. I’m delighted he got a ticket.”

In response, Cmhlr Ó Ceallaigh said, “I was actually parked next to the Sinn Féin office on Mary Street. I park my car there every day and was actually at a Council meeting when I got a ticket.”

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