Heartbreak House for Four War Plays


by Rose Rushe

Actor and playwright, Myles Breen now directs Shaw
Actor and playwright also, Myles Breen now directs Shaw

BOTTOM Dog Theatre Company continues its annual Four Plays (read-only) next Sunday November 16, stoking audiences and professional talent with 2014’s theme being war.
An outstanding, emotive production of ‘Journey’s End’, directed by John Murphy, brought the house to its feet on Sunday 9 last at Pery Square. Producer Liam O’Brien doubled on the job, taking centre stage as the brilliant and troubled Stanhope, a man in the well of too much that is terrible.

No.1 Pery Square Hotel is where it’s at and where to be each week with Myles Breen directing Shaw’s ‘Heartbreak House’ at 8pm on Sunday 16th. He promises an edited down version of this societal satire of a nation’s elite that is locked in by facade and inability in the relentless move towards war.

As with the Four Plays each year, the proviso is that the script is read. Yet Bottom Dog Theatre Company has a history of choreographing character and movement to make professional flesh of this series that has an intellectual, literary and theatrical reach.
A Four Plays
For Sunday November 23, fresh from playing the calming touchstone Osborne in ‘Journey’s End’, Martin Maguire will direct Noel Coward’s ‘Post Mortem’. Stephen McDonald’s play ‘Not About Heroes’ will round out the 2014 run on Monday December 1, 8pm.
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