Rubberbandits support anti-water charges protest in Limerick

by Alan Jacques

zzzRubberBandits_large1THIS Saturday’s anti-water charges protest in the city has received a boost with Limerick comedy rap duo the Rubberbandits and independent Cllr John Gilligan pledging their support.

Commenting on Facebook this week the local pranksters said, “‘I don’t care what happens because I have a job and money in my pocket’ is one of the reasons the recession hit Ireland as bad as it did.”

“Barbecues, Range Rovers and decking are a great distraction from injustice,” the Rubberbandits added.

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The ‘No Means No — We’re Still Not Paying’ protest, which begins at City Hall at 2pm before marching to the Labour Party offices on Hartstonge Street, will also be addressed by Joe Higgins TD.

Anti Austerity Alliance councillor Cian Prendiville says the Government’s “introductory offer” is a “Trojan horse” and warn, that if it is introduced and paid, the charges will rise.

“We’re not falling for their tricks, we’re still not paying. The Government’s announcement last week has backfired, and has only emboldened people to protest and refuse to pay this charge to force its abolition. Mass non payment beat water charges in the past, and we can do it again,” Cllr Prendiville predicted.