Waterboys play Limerick


MIKE by Paul Mac 2013 copy

MIKE Scott and the Waterboys will play Limerick for the first time in over 10 years bringing a show with a new line-up playing in public for the first time. The show promises to reflect every part of the band’s 30 year career. The Waterboys were formed in 1983 by Mike Scott and found their audience with their “Big Music”, powerful live performances and majestic rock albums such as A Pagan Place and This Is The Sea, which included their biggest hit The Whole Of The Moon.  
After the recruitment of Irish fiddle maestro Steve Wickham, still part of the line-up, the band created their million-selling Fisherman’s Blues album in Ireland on which Scott’s songwriting was merged with traditional Irish music and country.  Since then The Waterboys have continued to make records and have matured into one of the finest live acts.   

The Waterboys’ new album Modern Blues will be released on January 19. The album was recorded in Nashville, produced by Mike Scott and mixed by Bob Clearmountain. Modern Blues is an, “electric, soulful, bold, freewheeling rock’n’roll record with a skinful of killer new songs, some of which have been premiered live over the past few years.”  Ralph Salmins, a mainstay on drums for the past four years, appears alongside the talismanic Steve Wickham, who weaves fuzz fiddle spells on several tracks. Fresh to the ranks are Memphis keyboard player “Brother” Paul Brown and David Hood, legendary bassist from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Additional lead guitars are played by 2013 US Waterboy Jay Barclay and Austin soul guitarist Zach Ernst. Guest backing vocalists include southern soul legend Don Bryant.

Modern Blues Track listing:
1. Destinies Entwined 5.45
2. November Tale 5.18
3. Still A Freak 3.59
4. I Can See Elvis 5.47
5. The Girl Who Slept For Scotland 4.56
6. Rosalind (You Married The Wrong Guy) 5.09
7. Beautiful Now 3.58
8. Nearest Thing To Hip 5.42
9. Long Strange Golden Road 10.23