The Alvin Purple Experience brings Christmas Glam Rock hits and U2

AFTER a mega welcome back party in Dolan’s last May, The Alvin Purple Experience returns to The Warehouse for Alvin Purple’s Christmas Party. Alvin ‘LoveGod’ Purple is back in all his noizy glamour to get Christmas 2014 started with your favourite 1970’s hits from T-Rex to ABBA and of course, all the classic Christmas Glam Rock hits. So expect to hear ‘I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday’ from Wizzard, ‘Merry Christmas’ from Slade and Mud’s ‘Lonely This Christmas’ along with a many more Big Surprises.
Alvin Purple’s old friend Bono Vox had agreed to be a special guest at this show but he fell off his bicycle, so instead, has sent along ZOO 2 – Ireland’s best tribute band to the world’s biggest band. The Alvin Purple Experience with special guests ZOO 2 play Dolan’s this Friday December 19 2014.