Chickens bring Christmas cheer from Limerick to Africa


by Alan Jacques

[email protected]

Households Revolve Chicken and GoatsLIMERICK people donated more than 200 chickens to poverty stricken families in Africa this Christmas, providing them not only with a long-term food supply but also with a steady form of income.

The chickens were among the many alternative gifts purchased by Limerick people from World Vision Ireland’s Christmas catalogue.

This year the charity is aware that times are still tough for many in Ireland and with this in mind, they offered a number of life changing gifts that didn’t cost too much but could change the life of a child in the developing world.

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Just €5 will buy five fruit trees for a school, providing hungry children, who may have to walk for miles to get to and from school, with nutritious fruit to eat. The school can also sell excess fruit and use the money from profits made to provide orphans and vulnerable children at the school with books and uniforms.

“A simple fruit tree is a fantastic gift for a school in the developing world. It not only provides them with nutritious food but is also a potential income generator. It is a gift that keeps on giving and can potentially change lives in the developing world,”  said CEO of World Vision Ireland, Helen Keogh.

“Limerick people have always been exceptionally generous when it comes to helping others. However many people simply do not have a lot of cash to spare. At €5 for five trees, these gifts are affordable, make wonderful stocking fillers and will go a long way to making a real difference to someone’s life in the developing world,” said Helen.

Every gift World Vision Ireland offers has been requested by the communities they work with. All gifts, including livestock, are sourced locally not just to save on shipping and ensure that animals are suited to the environment, but also because it injects money into the local economy. For more details log onto or call 01-4980800.