Council throws its weight behind slots campaign

Aer Lingus plane
aer-lingus-plane-300x239DEMANDS have been made by Limerick’s elected representatives in Council that the MInister for transport move to block the sale of Aer Lingus by using its 25 per cent shareholding.
Limerick City and County Council convened a special meeting of its members to send the ‘not for sale’ message to the Government.
Fianna Fail councillor, James Collins proposed that the council call on the MInister for transport to block the sale.
“A.I.G. is getting more aggressive with every passing day…slots are not a commodity that can be bought or sold at will. The only way a larger airline can increase its slots is to buy a smaller airline.  This would pose a serious threat to Ireland’s connectivity and to jobs”.
A motion to retain the slots was unanimously passed by council today. (Monday)
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