Limerick councillors urged to stick with ‘local items’ agenda

by Alan Jacques

[email protected]

Cllr Daniel Butler
Cllr Daniel Butler

LIMERICK city Fine Gael councillor Daniel Butler has called on his fellow councillors across the party divisions to take greater responsibility for how they use council meetings.

Cllr Butler made the plea on the back of concerns raised by members at last month’s Metropolitan District meeting, that some of the motions before the Council were inappropriate and did not fit within the remit of local representatives.

“Members have raised concerns time and time again that we are not being given enough time and opportunity to discuss matters affecting the people we represent. Yet it is the members here who bring forward these inappropriate motions and waste time repeating comments already made by others.

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“It is time we realise it is our responsibility as to how we use these meetings,” stated Cllr Butler.

The Limerick City West representative pointed out that councillors are not TDs, so therefore, do not need to discuss national issues with no strong local connections. He is now concerned the next 18 months is going to see some councillors “abuse” their position to use these meetings as a personal general election platform.

“Members of the Metropolitan council have raised concerns over the last few months at the removal of local area meetings at which it was felt work was more productive. Limerick City and County Council have committed to reviewing the current structures but are restricted under the current legislation,” said Cllr Butler.