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Dell Limerick supports Daffodil Day

Posted on February 13, 2015 by Editor

Workers at the Dell facility in Raheen showing their support for Daffodil Day.
Workers at the Dell facility in Raheen showing their support for Daffodil Day.

Dell employees show support for the annual Daffodil Day

The Irish Cancer Society and Dell launched Daffodil Day 2015 in Limerick at an event in the Dell campus in Raheen today. This year’s Daffodil Day, which is now the 28th of its kind, will take place on March 27th. It is now Ireland’s longest running and biggest fundraising day.

The Daffodil Day app which was developed by Dell is available to download now. It allows the user to find local merchandise sellers through a dynamic map and also facilitates donations – meaning that the public can donate in person or on the go.

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Fiona McCarthy from Dell Ireland said, “Dell has served as lead partner with the Irish Cancer Society on Daffodil Day for the last five years. Our 2,300-strong team in Ireland gets fully behind the campaign each year, taking part in street collections as Daffodil Day volunteers and hosting a wide variety of fundraisers. It’s a true partnership which makes best use of the skills of both teams, with Dell also assisting on many elements of the campaign ranging from the Daffodil Day app – which has been fully updated to assist with fundraising in 2015 – through to generating impact with social media.”

The Society recently announced a growth in cancer incidence, increasing the need for the public to support Daffodil Day so they can reach their fundraising target of €3.5 million for 2015.

John McCormack, Chief Executive Officer of the Irish Cancer Society said, “We’re fortunate to have the support of Dell and the wider community in Limerick and around the country as we face into this year’s campaign. 570 people are diagnosed with cancer every week, with cancer rates increasing by 4 per cent over the last 3 years*. This requires that we raise additional funds on Daffodil Day this year in order to continue to provide essential support services, as well as the work we do across prevention, research and advocacy.”

Night Nursing is one service funded by Daffodil Day. Last year the Society was able to fulfil 96% of requests for a night nurse. 75% of cancer patients wish to die at home surrounded by family, yet only 25% get to do so. The Irish Cancer Society provides the only night time care service for cancer patients in their own homes and it is fully funded by the people of Ireland who consistently support the work of the Society.

It’s vital that Daffodil Day reaches its ambitious fundraising target of €3.5 million in order to continue to provide and expand this service and others. The Society and Dell, lead partner for Daffodil Day, are asking the public to support the campaign on Friday 27th March and ask people to volunteer, organise or donate on CallSave 1850 60 60 60 or visit

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