City of Dreams; poem for the day


emily-dickinsonWHILE there is still  an echo to St Valentine in the week, today’s choice from Limerick City of Culture’s anthology, ‘Dream of a City’, is a love poem to a billet doux long sent but not forgotten about another lover’s love.

The writer is Limerick based Terri Murray. ‘Her Own Society’ is a beaut.

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Her Own Society

(for Pauline Fayne)

Do you remember the postcard/ from Emily Dickinson’s House/ that I sent you/ all those years ago?

My mind travels backwards/ and I see the tassel-hemmed coverlet/ a pillow-case edged with lace

Pages scattered on a bed/ a crust of rust on a nib/ ink stabs wounding the spaces/ between her words

And heart/ given to a clergyman/ whom she met in Philadelphia/ when she was just twenty-four

A chaste kiss on her hand/ blighted hopes of anything/ but platonic regard/ yet her hoard of words/ made him immortal/ not squandered/ after passion spent

Do I hear the echo of footfalls/ tapping iambic meters/ on the planed maple floor/ before she steps through/ an open door/ a recluse on fifteen acres/ of meadows and woodlands/ replenished by Massachusetts rain?