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EVERY Thursday we will bring you seven top stories from the week to keep you up-to-date until you havefrontpage21feb the time sit down, relax and have a read of this week’s Limerick Post. #LimerickPost #LP71. Saving lives: Suicide patrol group saves up to 300 lives along Limerick riverbanks. #News #Limerick #CSSP

2. Catch me if you can: Teen escapes from security staff outside Limerick Court. #News #Court

3. Spring in their step: Local dance company ‘Fidget Feet’ set to lead the way for a Spring themed Paddy’s Day parade in Limerick. #News

4. Boost for Foynes: €38 million investment for Foynes announced by Shannon Foynes Port Company. #News #Foynes

5. Garden of solitude: Limerick City Council pass motion for city centre ‘Prayer Garden’. #News

6. Nil for new law: Limerick sports clubs to be charged full commercial rates, despite new laws allowing exemptions. #News

7.Rescue me: Reporter Kathy Masterson brings us the heroes behind Limerick Fire and Rescue Service. #Spread

For more check out this weeks copy of the Limerick Post Newspaper or go to


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