Quarry’s Moment presents a stark challenge


Left, Liam O'Brien, Nigel Dugdale and Pius McGrath Photo: Randal Howlett
Left, Liam O’Brien, Nigel Dugdale and Pius McGrath
Photo: Randal Howlett

by Rose Rushe

“ONE of the most non-theatrical plays that I have ever done, which presents its own challenge,” is how John Anthony Murphy describes his latest project directing. He speaks of Deirdre Kinahan’s ‘Moment’ with Quarry Players, set to stage at No. 69 O’Connell Street from Tuesday March 10 to Saturday 14, 8pm show.

There’s a cast of eight family, including partners, in this contemporary Irish story of a family that has finally to face an appalling incident that happened more than a decade back.

“Deirdre Kinahan is a well known playwright, particularly in Dublin and is around a long time. She writes about ordinary people. There are no Hamlets, no King Lear”.

Murphy, who made a noble job of ‘Juno and the Paycock’ last year with same theatre company, speaks of her knack for plumbing “tragic and significant feelings that are under the surface. There are issues in the past for the Lynch family that have yet to be worked out, that come to the fore. It’s primarily a family affair set in the one place, their kitchen. It could even be this room – [he glances around] – with two memory scenes of what happened 15 years ago”.

This actor/ director/ writer makes the point that as with life, “There was no great foresight to what was done. There are crimes of the moment and this play probes two things. It looks at the damage done and it asks, does a person [perpetrator] have the right to move on?”

We agree ‘Moment’ is a bold choice for Quarry Players, now chaired by Michelle Flanagan, as they are known primarily for classic Irish works. “This is a step away from that, it’s an interesting choice, a risky one”.

John Murphy has his work cut out as there is no costuming, no eyecandy, no fine set, no music to speak of although two talents, Pius McGrath on lighting and Senan Moore on sound, are booked to work with Kinahan’s spare frame.

Names better known in the cast are Deirdre Flynn, who did fine stuff with CentreSPACE’s adult theatre, storyteller Tim Evans and Nigel Dugdale of College Players and many a musical.

Book ‘Moment’ by Quarry Players, March 10 to 14, at No. 69 O’Connell Street box office or online at www.limetreetheatre.ie