UL claim O’Connor Cup Ladies Football title – by Marie Enright


University of Limerick’s Senior Ladies football team defeated Dublin City University with a landslide 3-16 to 0-9 victory to retain the O’Connor Cup. This final, which took place at Cork IT, saw UL dominate their opposition with two goals from Áine Tighne in six minutes securing their lead. After defeating Queens University last year for the Cup, Manager DJ Collins said it was well deserved second victory for the team.

“It proved to them that their hard work and sacrifices were worth it. Winning last year gave the team a huge confidence boost and they have been very assured of themselves this year. They know the work that is required to win and put in above and beyond the necessary hours.” The team’s preparations for the O’Connor cup started in September with the foundation being put in place for a gruelling season. From January onwards, the ladies squad trained three to four times a week.


Collins says that while they were confident about their ability to win they also had something to prove. “A lot of people outside of UL thought that the win last year was fluke but the way the squad dominated all opposition in the championship this year set that record straight.” With two back-to-back titles, Collin says that next year’s Senior team have a lot to live up to.

“As is the nature of college football, there will be a turnover of players. We did win the Fresher’s All Ireland this year so we know that there will be players to step up to the grade. Also, you never know what new players are going to arrive at your door next September.”

For now the UL GAA ladies squad will be returning to their home counties with their second consecutive O’ Connor Cup championship.