Mid West records biggest Live Register drop in the country


by Alan Jacques

[email protected]

dolequeue1THE Live Register in the Mid-West Region recorded the biggest annual percentage drop in the country last month.

According to Limerick Fine Gael TD Kieran O’Donnell, the news comes against the backdrop of a national live register level of ten per cent — the lowest level since 2009.

“The Mid-West saw a bigger annual percentage drop in the live register last month than any other region in the country. While we have a long way to go, this is good news because it shows we are on the right track to reduce unemployment here,” said Deputy O’Donnell.

“In human terms, there were 746 fewer people on the live register in this region in March than in February. We are leading the way in an overall annual national reduction in the live register,” he added.

The Limerick TD pointed out that there are 4,294 fewer people on the Live Register in the Mid-West than was the case 12 months ago. He believes we are seeing the benefit of accelerating job creation in these figures.

“In recent weeks alone, jobs announcements have been made in Limerick by ICON, Viagogo, Northern Trust and UHL.

“At its peak in 2010, there were almost 41,847 people on the live register in the Mid-West. Since then, the figures have actually dropped by 13,264 to a current level of 28,583 people. This is a drop of over 30 per cent since the crisis,” the Limerick TD claimed.

However, Deputy O’Donnell said there are still far too many families who have not felt the benefit of the recovery.

“It is vital to continue taking steps and making decisions that will generate jobs and get us to a point of sustainable full employment.”