Opinion – Us versus them, again

Screen shot 2015-04-16 at 10.15.14SPACE, the final frontier, or, the thing that local sports journalists crave every week so they can cover as much sport as possible.
Something that National media outlets do not often have a problem with. This week, Limerick’s local media covered Andy Lee’s World title fight as they would always cover events, with balance, informative journalism, passion and pride.
The same cannot be said for the national media en masse. Newstalk radio, as ever, showed their support, but the rest of the national media didn’t seem to realise that Andy Lee was fighting, or that he was a World Champion.
It appears that World Champions from outside the Pale are somewhat a diet version of the real deal.
If you think I am being parochial, then look at the coverage given to the recent Conor Mc Gregor “press conference” for a fight that is not even been held in this country. Andy Lee deserves his day in the sun, why is he not getting it?