Water bills boycott is ‘solid’ in Limerick

11402624_838780069509833_7397375666160916152_oTHE Irish Water boycott in Limerick is solid, according to Anti Austerity Alliance (AAA) councillor Cian Prendiville.

And the City North representative is now calling on the water utility company to release the figures for the level of payment.

A  public meeting last Thursday saw more than 200 people gather in the city centre to hear Socialist TD Paul Murphy launch the We Won’t Pay campaign’s ‘Bin the Bills’ drive. According to Cllr Prendiville, the response to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, and the boycott is strong.

“We have been going door-to-door over the last few nights and the boycott is rock solid. People know Irish Water can’t cut their water pressure, or take it from there wages, and that there are no penalties before the election. So why would you pay before then?” he asked.

“For many, they simply can’t afford to pay, but for others it is about opposing privatisation and the cronyism and wastage of Irish Water. The fact that Irish Water are refusing to say how many paid just goes to show the crisis they are in”, he added.

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