Pallasgreen’s Farmyard Prom tonight

Free concert with a farmyard theme from these tuxedos, June 25, Pallasgreen
Free concert with a farmyard theme from these tuxedos, June 25, Pallasgreen

STEAKS are high for Comic Opera trio Two and a Half Tenors who are booked to sing for what will one day become their supper – good local beef.

According to PRO Riah Hogan, the group will churn out high Cs at a free open air Farmyard Prom Concert beside the historic Sarsfield’s Rock in Pallasgreen this Thursday June 25.

The tenors sure hope it won’t be freisian cold that night.

 At Pallasgreen, the singers are Nyle Wolfe, Derek Ryan and Ryan Morgan, assembling circa 6pm – dress up for the thrill, there’s nothing like a swirly gúna for prom night. Their performance is at 7pm.

Singers for Hire claim to be undercover singing waiters, and then there is singing chef Marco who together promise “stunning stage presence and great coming timing”.

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I’ve seen Marco in action in chef’s hat, chequered trouser at a terrific night in  South Court Hotel to launch their Ború Bistro culinary chops 2015  and… the crowd cried out for more. More insight on their website,

Will the cattle enjoy their take on ‘Minnie The Moocher’ or prefer Lehar’s classic ‘Vealia?

Apparently “classical music is often played to Kobe beef cattle in Japan, which supply the most expensive steak in the world. Italian Valdostana cows’ milk is renowned for its significant contribution to the production of the best gelato, largely because of their enjoyment of opera while grazing. Limerick farmers are hoping that what they herd will give a boost to local production”.

Jesus wept.