Soccer – Limerick FC look to Greece for bailout

lfc_greeceLIMERICK FC Chairman Pat O’Sullivan has admitted that he is seeking to sign Greek players in the hope that he can save the club from relegation. O’Sullivan, speaking on RTE radio said, “I need to bring in quality players now to help us get out of where we are at. I don’t see them in Ireland, so I am looking around. I was watching Shirley Valentine the other night with my wife Helen and I’m saying the Greeks are technically very good at football”

O’Sullivan continued to say that the player he is interested in do have professional experience and some have international caps also.

“They are Europeans so why not look at them as regards looking at any other country. So, what we did was I got my daughter Pam to Google and find the players union in Greece and emailed them and told them what we were looking for. They have sent us details of certain players.

“We have spoken to the individual players and the terms and conditions we have agreed. Now we have to look at bringing them for trials when we are ready to do that which has to be done and in place by the end of this month. If I can find players do a job for me in Limerick, particularly in the short-term and possibly in the long-term, the Irish go to England and different countries so why can’t the Greeks come here.”

For info on the full interview, see the link below from RTE.

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