Limerick radio enthusiasts tune into the Wild Atlantic Way

Loop Head Lighthouse

by Alan Jacques

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Loop Head Lighthouse
Loop Head Lighthouse

LIMERICK Radio Club will take to the airwaves at Loop Head Lighthouse this month to reach out to fellow enthusiasts in far-flung parts of the globe from Asia to South America, Australia and Europe.

In an attempt to open long distance communication, local amateur ham radio aficionados will make their annual pilgrimage to the West Clare lighthouse from August 14 to 16 where they will communicate via radio and Morse code with hundreds of radio clubs worldwide.

The Limerick Radio Club, which features members from Clare, Kerry, Limerick and Tipperary, will operate non-stop for 48 hours from Loop Head as part of the 18th annual International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (ILLW).

Loop Head Lighthouse’s status as a Signature Discovery Point on the Wild Atlantic Way and as one of the great lighthouses of Ireland will be promoted over the airwaves throughout the world during the operation.

Visitors to the popular tourism landmark will also be able to listen into communications with some of the other participating ham radio operators broadcasting from 400 other lighthouses and lightships in 65 countries.

Last year, the Limerick Radio Club successfully made contact with lighthouses and lightships as far away as Brazil, Australia, Tonga, Asiatic Russia and The US Virgin Islands.

“We are delighted to be basing ourselves once again on the edge of the Loop Head Peninsula at the lighthouse in an effort to open long distance communications with regions in Asia, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe,” explained Simon Kenny of the Limerick Radio Club.

Mr Kenny said Loop Head Lighthouse is particularly suitable for long distance radio and Morse code communications attempts due to its isolated location on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and the lack of radio interference in the general area.

“All we need now is good weather for what will be a very enjoyable weekend.”

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