Call for remedial action at dangerous County Limerick junction

Cllr Tom Neville at the road junction in Croom.

by Alan Jacques

Cllr Tom Neville at the road junction in Croom.
Cllr Tom Neville at the road junction in Croom.

FINE Gael councillor Tom Neville is calling on Limerick City and County Council to upgrade road markings and warning signs at a dangerous junction in Croom to prevent a serious accident.

The junction is the main intersection where the main street and high street meet and Cllr Neville says the road markings are inadequate and cause serious danger to traffic.

“As the main street has a right angle bend and right of way, some traffic, especially non locals, have misread the junction and driven straight through coming up or down high street,” he claimed.

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“The road markings are inadequate and causing serious danger to passing traffic. There is also a pedestrian crossing situated here which can be barely seen due to the worn markings on the road.”

The Adare-Rathkeale representative is now calling on the local authority to immediately upgrade the markings and signage as well as making motorists fully aware of the pedestrian crossing.

“It is imperative that these works are carried out immediately.The official opening of the new civic centre and park will see visits from people not from the area who won’t be familiar with this junction. Restoration works need to be carried out immediately,” he added.

A spokesperson for the council said that its South Division Roads Section will prioritise a review of the road markings in Croom as soon as the new road-marking contractor is appointed. It is anticipated that this appointment will take place within two weeks.