Limerick City gets its highest ranking in litter league


 LIMERICK City has lost its ‘moderately littered’ tag and is now ‘clean to European norms’, according to the latest survey carried out by An Taisce on behalf of Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL).

Rising from 36th to 17th in the IBAL league of 40 Irish towns and cities, it was the highest ranking achieved by the city in the competition to date.

Limerick was also listed as the top ranking city or town in the ‘Clean to European norms’ section, ahead of Cork (30), Galway (33) and Dublin (39).

In its assessment of Limerick City, An Taisce said: “Some of the particularly well presented sites included John’s Square, The Hunt Museum, Bishop’s Quay and Bank Place.  Dock Road was also a top-ranking site and was much fresher in appearance than a number of years ago.  It wasn’t only the city centre sites which scored well – many of the approaches were also in good order.  This is a marked improvement compared to several years ago.”

Among the streets named as having a “litter presence” were Liddy Street, Mount Kennett Street, Clare Street and the basement area of a building on Lower Mallow Street.

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Regarding Arthur’s Quay Park, the IBAL report stated: “So many of the other city centre sites in Limerick have had a real ‘lift’ in terms of presentation but not Arthur’s Quay Park – even the signage was peeling at the entrance. As well as casual litter, there were the remnants of burnt out materials. This site could easily become seriously littered if not addressed.”