NRA turn blind eye to County Limerick ‘deathtrap’

Cllr Kevin Sheahan

by Alan Jacques

Cllr Kevin Sheahan
Cllr Kevin Sheahan

“IT is only a matter of time before someone is killed” one local councillor suggested during a meeting to discuss much-needed road safety and traffic calming issues along the N69 in the parish of Kilcornan.

Residents are calling for traffic lights and other traffic calming measures to urgently address concerns over public safety in the vicinity of a West Limerick primary school.

Askeaton-based Kevin Sheahan told a deputation of concerned parents at Kilcornan Community Hall this Tuesday that calls to the National Roads Authority (NRA) for safety measures have continually fallen on deaf ears. He described the stretch of road at the entrance to Kilcornan National School as “treacherous” before raising concerns about children’s safety due to the lack of public footpath in the area.

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“We have never gotten anywhere with the NRA. We have tried everything but have no authority of our own to implement safety measures. This is a national roads issue,” Cllr Sheahan pointed out.

“Even if we won the Lotto tonight we would need the NRA’s authorisation. Road safety in Kilcornan has been a bone of contention for a long time. The road is a deathtrap,” he added.

Independent councillor Emmett O’Brien also raised major concerns about the lack of lighting and traffic calming measures in the vicinity of the primary school and community hall, which is located beside Curraghchase Forest Park.

“This is a great facility. What we can do we will do for the people of Kilcornan,” Cllr O’Brien promised.

Fine Gael councillor Tom Neville echoed the sentiments of his fellow councillors and told members of Kilcornan Community Council that they had been “flogging a dead horse” in their dealings with the NRA.

“They are not forthcoming,” he said.

Cllr Stephen Keary expressed his disappointment with the NRA and said the people of Kilcornan were at a “huge disadvantage from a traffic safety point of view”.

“The infrastructure is not adequate and it’s a huge public safety risk. Nothing has been done.”

Limerick City and County Council’s Operations manager for the South and West Divisions, Brian Kennedy told council members that the NRA are aware of the issues in Kilcornan and don’t consider it a priority.