VIDEO: 48 hours in Limerick


A KEY promotional asset for Limerick tourism was unveiled today with the launch of ‘48 Hours in Limerick’, a video promoting city and county attractions through the lens of two visitors.

The video was commissioned by the Limerick Marketing Company and aims to support efforts to attract both domestic and international visitors to a city and county that remains one of Ireland’s best kept tourism secrets.
Those behind the video say it is a key piece of collateral for Limerick as it seeks to further increase its share of the buoyant Irish tourism market.
Speaking at the launch today in the city, Limerick Marketing CEO Eoghan Prendergast said that the 2min 30sec video will be an important asset for marketing the city across social and digital media.
“If you search online for one of the top tourist destinations in the world, more and more you will find sharp and engaging video content that gives the viewer a snapshot of what you can enjoy in that location. People do a lot of online research before deciding where to go and you must have this type of sharp, snappy content if you are going to compete.
“We have enjoyed significant growth in tourist numbers here over recent years and only yesterday were heard of continuing growth across Irish tourism, with a 12.2 per cent increase in the number of trips made to this country between June and August. We want to be well placed to take advantage of this increasing demand for holidays in Ireland and this video will help us make this happen.”
The video is tailored for social and digital media audiences and gives a snapshot of the array of tourism amenities that visitors can enjoy as it condenses a 48-hour visit to Limerick of Michelle Dinn from Newfoundland, Canada and Seamus Hennessy, Cork into the two-and-a-half-minute package.
The video will be promoted initially across Facebook and Twitter platforms and will be used thereafter as a promotional tool across digital media campaigns.
 The video was produced by Limerick based company Piquant and is available on also.