Limerick-based digital agency launches new international WordPress support service

Kevin Meaney MD IDF Marketing
Kevin Meaney MD IDF Marketing
Kevin Meaney MD AGENT Digital

AGENT Digital, a Limerick-based online marketing and web design agency, have launched WP Carers, a new service aimed at WordPress website owners around the world. WP Carers has already created 2 positions with the plan to create an additional 10 job positions. WP Carers is a service catering for users of the world’s most popular web development engine.

Kevin Meaney of AGENT Digital explains the importance of maintenance and support for WordPress users. “Wordpress is by far the most popular website engine on the market powering almost 23% of the web. There are over 75 million WordPress sites online today. We created WP Carers to service the needs of WordPress website owners”, he says.

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AGENT Digital identified a need to develop a separate product to provide, and to easily explain, maintenance and support to WordPress users. WP Carers allows businesses to easily purchase affordable plans that will suit their business, thereby allowing them to do what they do best which is to run their business.

Hacks and bugs are the most common issues WordPress users have with their website.

“Wordpress is an engine. If that engine is out of date it is wide open to be preyed upon by hackers from around the world”, Meaney adds.

“It is vital that WordPress engines are regularly updated to ensure a secure business platform. Bugs are also a major issue. If you do not update your plugins sites will be prone to suffering problems. Bugs can actually be more time consuming and costly to fix in the long run”.

WP Carers have developed a range of plugins within their maintenance packages to solve and prevent issues relating to WordPress hacks, bugs, speed, optimisation and usability. The product is aimed at the small to medium business market or businesses that do not have a dedicated website support team in-house.

“Business owners typically don’t want to get involved in the maintenance of their website. WP Carers allows business owners to give their WordPress website the care it needs without the hassle”, Meaney says.

“We have created our own suite of maintenance and support packages for our WP Carers clients. We have engineered our own unique plugin products to help effectively perform certain WordPress maintenance tasks”.

WP Carers already has over 200 international customers signed up to the service. Because the service is an online remote service WP Carers can easily support WordPress clients from around the world.

“AGENT Digital has always had pride in the level of support we have provided to our clients down through the years”, Kevin Meaney says.

“This support ethos is being carried through into our new WP Carers product. Aside from providing a second to none WordPress Support Service, our main goal with WP Carers is to establish Limerick as a European hub for WordPress maintenance and support”.

To find out more about WP Carers contact
(0)818 227 035 or log onto the AGENT Digital website.