“Jack and Sarah are content” says aunt


THE sister of the late Jason Corbett took to social media this week to thank supporters of the family.

In a post shared by the ‘Bring Justice for Jason’ Facebook page, Tracey Lynch also issued a message believed to be directed to Jason’s widow Molly Martens Corbett to stop appealing for the children to contact her over social media.

Ms Lynch, who along with her husband David was awarded custody of Jason’s children Jack and Sarah, thanked all who have supported the Corbett family “through this terrible time in our lives”.

“We appreciate your respect and kind words about Jason on the support page. He was a positive, fun, loving and kind person and would take comfort from your kindness and empathy along with the shared memories as do we.

“Jack and Sarah are content, safe, protected and loved in a way that has their best interest, safety and needs met with expert support. We pray and hope they are allowed to heal in time,” she said.

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Ms Lynch added: “There are those who do not respect or understand our silence however, they would never understand our words either. Jack and Sarah are content; they will remain and live in Ireland the land of their birthplace in the heart of their family.

“If you are someone reading this who has shared or posted publicly pictures of the children all over the internet to please think of the kids, you are hurting no one only Jack and Sarah. Haven’t they suffered enough? Your actions are destructive, take your pictures down, love your own family; let it go. Leave them have an opportunity at life again.”

Janesboro native Jason Corbett was killed on August 2 during a domestic disturbance at his home in North Carolina after being hit by a baseball bat.

Following a custody battle, his children Jack and Sarah were brought to Ireland, however their stepmother Molly Martens Corbett made several pleas over social media to be allowed to have contact with the children.