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Abortion pill bus to visit Limerick


 LIMERICK pro-choice groups will welcome the Abortion Pill Bus to Limerick this Friday, October 23 as it stops in the city centre as part of a tour around Ireland.

On board the bus will be Women on Web founder Rebecca Gomperts, TD Ruth Coppinger and ROSA (Reproductive rights against Oppression, Sexism and Austerity) activists.

Ms Gomperts became internationally famous after sailing an ‘abortion ship’ to countries where abortion remains illegal.

The first country she sailed to was Ireland in 2001.

Now, Women on Web posts abortion pills to women in these countries.

Ms Gomperts said Irish customs officials seized 1,017 abortion pills in 2014.

A public rally with music, street entertainers and information stalls will be held to welcome the bus to Bedford Row at 5pm.

On the bus, there will be a mobile clinic where women seeking abortion pills can consult with Women on Web doctors.

Pro-choice activist and one of the organisers of the Limerick rally, Aprille Scully said the event was organised “to highlight the need for a repeal of the 8th Amendment and to publicise the pills as a safe, cheap and non-surgical abortion being denied to women”.

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