Limerick Independent declares for Dail race


newemmettLIMERICK’S Emmett O’Brien, local councillor, barrister and farmer, has declared as an Independent candidate for the next General Election, it was conformed this week.

Promising to be an effective, coherent and Independent TD for the people of County Limerick, the Pallaskenry farmer and barrister has declared his intention to run in the County Limerick Constituency as an Independent candidate, citing the need for an independent and progressive TD for the county among his reasons for adding his name to the ballot paper.

“Limerick needs a progressive, business orientated and hardworking, Independent TD who will represent the people of Limerick free from a party whip. If I am elected, I intend to follow the mandate given to me by the people of Limerick without fear of political reprisal or a party whipping,” said Cllr O’Brien.

“It is becoming clear there is a great opportunity for the people of Limerick to abandon the same old tired political formula, and choose instead a new and brighter political future for the county.

“I believe Independent TDs will stand in a very strong position after the general election and credible Independent TDs could be king makers in forming the next government. The Dáil and the people of Limerick need strong Independent TDs to hold the Government to account, a role which traditional parties have miserably failed,” he said.

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Cllr O’Brien added he will fight the election on the issues so that the people of Limerick can decide the best candidate for the responsible job at stake.

The lack of industrial and agricultural development in a county with so much potential is an issue that Cllr O’Brien says that he will address and all while the most vulnerable continue to pay the price of the recession.

“Limerick is not without its challenges. There are considerable difficulties with rural isolation, appalling conditions at the University Hospital Limerick, high level of commercial and residential vacancies in the centre of towns and villages, poor broadband inhibiting SME and agricultural development, and rural crime is at epidemic proportions,” said Cllr O’Brien.

“I believe however that with the right policies and a strong voice representing the people of Limerick, the economic recovery can be distributed fairly to all, and Limerick and the Mid West can realistically become an economic counter weight to Dublin.”