Dream of a City; poem for the day


The most beautiful stallion

LINCHPIN to Richard Harris International Film Festival, Mr Zeb Moore posted up a shot of the breaking in of his horse on that ranch of theirs out in Meelick. It’s a wonderful image, none better for this lyrical address to ‘Freedom’ by John Liddy.

As is usual in this poetry series, the text is from Limerick City of Culture Anthology, ‘Dream of City’.

Note the short stoccato stomp of sentence, choppy and head-shy. Liddy’s words are full of hard ‘p’s and ‘b’s and brief twists as this mare makes dem hosses run. There’s white in her eye.

P.S. We have to forgive Zeb’s stallion being gender opposite to the following. With an animal this beautiful, who cares?

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As we neared the compound/ she fixed us with a challenge, ready to test her ground.

I urged the boys to canter, then to break into a run/ around the perimeter.

She jaunted beside them/ as though they were a leap/ out on a day’s hunting.

When they made a sudden/ bolt for it she upped a gear, looked back as if to warn

Against playing with fire/ inside, the fun they’d have/ outside, running beside her.