Join the fun at Science Week 2015


science-week-2015Science Week is coming to Limerick! The Science Week highlight of the Tuesday, 10th November is:

·         Maths Magic at University of Limerick. Maths Magic – experimenting with ways of producing shock, surprise and magic (with a little help from maths!). Number tricks, proof and card tricks will also be part of the show. Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Limerick.

With over 800 events registered on The theme of Science Week 2015 is: ‘Science Week 2.0 Design Your Future’ and will celebrate how science empowers ‘you’ to ‘Design Your Future’.  Science Foundation Ireland’s Science Week offers a unique opportunity to explore the power of science and see what the future can hold.


Science Foundation Ireland’s Science Week provides an exciting opportunity to showcase the national spread of activities and huge interest in science.
Events taking place in Limerick throughout Science Week include:
Wednesday 11th November:

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·         Head games: Fun experiments about the mind. The Department of Psychology at University of Limerick will run a number of fun experiments and activities will be set up at stations where participants will spend 15 minutes at each station.  There will be 8-10 students at each station.

·         Airmazing:  Engineering the Future with Pneumatics. This is a physics, chemistry and engineering show  where participants will learn how air will power cars of the future!  Chemistry Magic with Flames and big bangs will be the order of the day. Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Limerick .

·         Design Challenge at University of Limerick. Are you a dreamer and a thinker? Do you like a creative challenge? Do you like to take things apart and figure out how they work? Do you wonder why people use things in the ways they do? Do you have ideas that would make people’s lives better? Then maybe DESIGN is for you!

Science Week 2015 runs from the 8th – 15th November