Horses seized in County Limerick


rp_wanderinghorses.jpgAndrew Carey

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LIMERICK city and County Council have seized three more horses in County Limerick as part of a planned operation under the control of horses act.

The three horses were seized in Garryspillane on Monday and they include a four-year-old brown and white female, a five-year-old black and white male and six-year-old black and white female.

The latest seizure comes following last week’s operation which led to the capture of 15 horses during a co=ordinated operation led by the local authority.

Last week, the owners of 15 horses seized in Limerick last Thursday had five days to claim their legal ownership before the local authority disposed of them in accordance with the Control of Horses Act 1996 and local bye-laws.

A spokesperson for the Council said that none of the 15 horses seized last week were claimed in time and the counsel are considering a number of options including the sale of the horses.

The horses, including yearlings, mares, horses and foals of various ages, that were seized on the Corbally Road, at the Groody Roundabout and in Monaleen were seized and detained as part of a co-ordinated operation led by Limerick City and County Council.

In public notices posted on the council said that the legal owners or keepers of the three horses most recently seized could claim them on production of proof of identification, proof of ownerships, proof of horse passport, proof of entry into the Register of horse premises where the animals are kept, a horse licence, evidence of microchipping, payment of all local authority fees an documentary evidence of the lands where the horses are kept.

Details of the latest notices posted on the Council’s website can be viewed here.