Nora is back on the election trail in Limerick

Nora Bennis

by Alan Jacques

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Nora Bennis
Nora Bennis

NORA BENNIS is to run as a candidate in the General Election for the Catholic Democrats in Limerick City.

The long-time political activist first stood for election for the European Parliament in 1994 on a ‘Family First’ ticket and left many pundits dumbfounded when many of the big political names of the day were eliminated before her.

She has since amassed an amount of political experience, having taken part in debates and discussions on numerous forums in Ireland, Europe, the US and at the United Nations.

“I was a real novice in 1994 and completely naïve. It was a baptism of fire,” she confessed.

“There’s been many changes since then. But one thing has not changed — the issues that were foremost in my campaign back then have not gone away,” she added.

She believes that the Democratic Deficit still exists and is even more pronounced today. She maintains there is a silenced majority in this constituency who have absolutely no Party representation in government.

“The Stay-at-home mother, for instance, is still being discriminated against. She has no voice in the Dail. She doesn’t exist in the general scheme of things.

“Her caring work in the home is dismissed by every political party as being of no value. In fact, politicians don’t even see the stay-at-home mother as a ‘working’ mother at all. Yet, our great Constitution in Article 41.2 acknowledges the importance of her work, stating that ‘without which the common good cannot be achieved’ “.

She has promised to be the voice for the stay-at-home mother in the General Election.

“I will be that voice and I will not be silenced by political correctness. If elected, I will fight tooth and nail for the child carer’s allowance for every mother who chooses to stay at home and care for her children herself, because she’s worth it.

“In fact, she’s worth much more,” she concluded.