Limerick has a €1 million prize bond winner


Prize bonds lotteryA LUCKY Limerick prize bond holder, who only purchased their ticket last year, has won €1 million in this month’s prize bond’s millionaire draw.

The €1 million bond number is AAF 628936 and it was purchased in 2015.


More than €1.4 million was won in today’s draw, with 8,000 prize bond holders winning cash prizes, ranging from €1 million to €50.

The €1 million prize is awarded on the last draw of every second month (February, April, June, August, October and December) and replaces the normal weekly top prize of €50,000. Other cash prizes awarded each week include ten of €1,000, 250 of €100 and over 8,000 of €50.


Prize Bond Company chairman John Daly congratulated the new Limerick millionaire and said that prize bonds are an integral part of the wider range of Ireland State Savings products offered to retail customers by the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA).


“Prize Bonds are an Ireland State Savings product which, rather than paying interest, offers bond holders the chance to win cash prizes every week.   All cash prizes are tax-free in Ireland, and Prize Bonds can be cashed in at any time after the minimum holding period of three months.

“When you put money into any Ireland State Savings product you are placing your money directly with the Irish Government. All Ireland State Savings money is under the management of the NTMA. The repayment of all Ireland State Savings money is a direct, unconditional obligation of the Government”, he explained.