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#GE16 first count results from Limerick constituencies


Niall Collins arriving at UL
Niall Collins joins Willie O’Dea on being elected on the first count 

Limerick’s poll topping candidates bring #FF back in business

Andrew Carey

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WITH the first count completed at the University of Limerick Sports Arena, Fianna Fail candidates Willie O’Dea and Niall Collins have each topped the poll in their respective constituencies with the division of their surplus votes to determine the fate of others.

First count results from Limerick City

Electorate 75,568
Total poll 47,118
Valid poll 46,761
Invalid votes 357
Quota 9,353

Bennis 673
Gaffney 964
Hayes 254
Hennelly 2,747
Noonan 7,294
O’Dea 12,999 (elected)
O’Donnell 6,047
O’Sullivan 5,227
Prendiville 4,584
Quinlivan 5,894
Riordan 78

First count results from Limerick County

Electorate 67,633
Total poll 44,748
Valid poll 44,412
Quota 11,104

Browne – 3,347
Collins – 12,276 (elected)
Heffernan – 3,270
Keogh – 222
Neville – 8,013
O’Brien 5,432
O’Donoghue 2,855
O’Donovan 8,479
O’Gorman 207
Storey Cosgrave 311

With a second count to begin, Maurice Quinlivan and Michael Noonan have been tipped to take the next two seats in the city with the last seat still up for grabs.

In the county, Fine Gael candidates Patrick O’Donovan and Tom Neville are hunting down the remaining two seats.


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