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New e-book dispels myths about dairy



New Dairy eBook
New Dairy eBook

A NEW e-book from the National Dairy Council and Food Health Ireland, which tackles key ‘Dairy Myths and Misconceptions’ in a consumer friendly format, has been launched this month as a resource for those interested in food, nutrition and diet.

It covers topics such as allergy, acne, eczema, cancer, fats, sugar, pasteurisation, hormones, antibiotics and animal welfare.

‘Free from’ is a popular food trend at the moment and many food products are currently marketed with a ‘free from’ label. There is an assumption that exclusion of specific ingredients is synonymous with ‘healthy’.

However the National Dairy Council says that because there is a lot of misinformation about allergies, intolerances and other health issues, there was a need for the new book to clarify the latest scientific information in an accessible format.

The ebook can be viewed on www.fhi.ie


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