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Red Rock gives a solid foundation to Pat’s acting career #Limerick #RedRock


HE plays the role of Garda Paudge Brennan in TV3’s award-winning drama Red Rock.

But when he’s off screen, Caherconlish actor Pat Ryan gives a very convincing portrayal of a man who gets immense enjoyment out of what he does.

“I’m a very proud Limerick man. The further I get from here, the more attached I get to it” he explains.

Asked if acting was his passion from a young age, Ryan explained that there was big chance of him ‘doing a bit of everything’.

“My hurling cameo was brief and uneventful while in Caherline primary school, so that’s as far as my sporting career went. When I was growing up, I was a bit of a messer, but I always liked watching television shows and films, so I guess that had an impact on me.

“I developed an interest in acting and performance from there and got involved in the Belltable and Limerick Youth Theatre. I was a young fella and meeting the likes of Mike Finn, John Murphy and Myles Breen really helped me because within a year I was in a professional show”.

From there, he went on to study acting in the School of Drama at Trinity College but even then he considered swapping the stage for adventures further afield.

“I was going to bail out of acting in 2007 as I had been in Dublin since the turn of the Millennium and said to myself this isn’t as good as I thought it was going to be. I contemplated doing an arts degree but decided to stick it out for another while at least.

“There will always be ups and downs in acting, but you prepare for that as best you can. I was heading to Canada for a change of scenery before Red Rock came up. I had my visa organised and was ready to go but the phone rang and I’m delighted it did”.

Having performed in film, television and theatre, he feels that the electricity of a live performance is hard to emulate.

“I love all aspects of what I do, but when a live audience feeds off an onstage performance, it’s hard to beat. I toured with ‘Alone it Stands’ for a while and the 25th anniversary performance at the University Concert Hall in 2003 was special.

“In terms of film and television, it can be a slow burner, but with Red Rock there is a quick turnaround with filming.

“With any new production it’s exciting and frightening at the same time, as you don’t know how it’s going to go or how the public will react to it, but luckily Red Rock seems to be holding it’s own”.

There may be an element of modesty in his assessment because Red Rock has been snapped up by the BBC and US online site Amazon Prime.

Now in it’s second season on TV3, he says that the award-winning drama has been a great project to work on for a number of reasons.

“There’s a good relationship between everyone involved and we are all highly driven individuals who want to make good television. The scriptwriters and directors are extremely professional, and everyone has rowed in to give the show an opportunity to succeed”.

During his time off, he likes anything that keeps him gainfully occupied.

“I recently got my hands on a ’79 kadett so I have been tipping away at that. I could say I restore cars but that would be a lie! I just like to get out and about, to recharge the batteries”

Looking to the future, he is keeping his options open but for the time being, he is enjoying every minute.

Red Rock airs on TV3 on Wednesday and Thursday at 8.30pm, and is also available on the TV3 player online.




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