Limerick suicide patrol works on resolving bitter split


CSPP-patrol-four-bridges_37-300x200THE two factions involved in a bitter split among members of a Limerick suicide prevention patrol have stepped up their efforts to resolve the dispute.

Members of the Corbett Suicide Prevention Patrol (CSPP) broke away from the well-respected volunteer group last month to form Corbett Suicide Prevention Limerick (CSPL).

The row developed after the organisation’s AGM on May 15 when a Corbett family member was not re-elected to the CSPP’s committee.

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The two sides were due to meet for mediation this Wednesday evening to try and reconcile their differences.

A statement issued last week by CSPP claimed that two days after the AGM, the locks on the CSPP base were changed and they were left without access to vital equipment and gear including bikes, radios and defibrillators.

Speaking to the Limerick Post this week, Louraine Corbett of CSPL revealed that both sides had decided to sit down and talk.

“We are talking to the other group to try and resolve the situation so we can move on and continue to promote suicide prevention in Limerick,” she explained.

Since 2012, the voluntary organisation has made more than 300 suicide interventions on the banks of the River Shannon in Limerick with more than a 100 of these described as physical interventions.

The group, which was originally established as the Countrywide Emergency Response Team (CERT), was renamed in memory of 32 year-old Limerick man Trevor Corbett, one of its founding members, who died in tragic circumstances in May 2012.

by Alan Jacques

[email protected]