Support your Limerick local for Pig n’ Porter festival



Limerick’s Pig n’ Porter festival is a reminder to support your local

WITH 6,601 Limerick jobs dependant on the drinks and hospitality industry, the Support Your Local campaign is out in force to highlight the contribution of the sector to Limerick’s economy.

The push comes as the Pig N’ Porter festival kicks off this weekend and to encourage everyone to support their local.

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Between the Limerick County and Limerick City constituencies, there are 360 pubs, 23 licenced hotels, 82 licenced restaurants and 129 off-licences, supporting local jobs and tourism.

The most recent research by economist Tony Foley for the Support Your Local campaign, found that in Limerick County and Limerick City the drinks industry and hospitality sector:

Supports 6,601 jobs
Has a wage bill of €135m.
Supports €6.2m in agri-output.

Michael Storan, Campaign Manager for Support Your Local said: “The Support Your Local Campaign is all about promoting the positive contribution that Ireland’s drinks and hospitality sector has to local economies across Ireland.

“We’re encouraging people to support their local in Limerick in conjunction with the Pig N Porter Festival. Local events and festivals like this remind us of the importance of the drinks and hospitality sector to the local community.

“In Limerick there are 465 pubs, licenced restaurants and hotels, offerings domestic and international tourists a world renowned hospitality experience.”

The ‘Support Your Local’ campaign was launched in 2014 and will run in 2016 for the third year. The campaign is driven by drinks suppliers, pubs, restaurants, hotels and independent off-licences who are enthusiastically asking people to recognise the massive contribution that the industry makes to local communities all over Ireland, and are calling on everyone to ‘Support Your Local’.