Airline passengers treated for cuts and bruises at UHL

University Hospital Limerick
University Hospital Limerick

ALL but one of the passengers admitted to UHL in Limerick from a diverted United Airlines flight have been released this Wednesday afternoon.

One passenger remains in hospital for observation.

16 people were originally treated with 12 hospitalised after flight UA880 from Houston to Heathrow was diverted to Shannon following what the American airline described as “unexpected and severe turbulence”.

A number of passengers, including three children and two crew members suffered minor soft tissue injuries and lacerations.

The flight landed at Shannon shortly before 6am and was met by medical and emergency staff.

A number of people were treated and some were hopsitalised however it is understood that one person remains at the University Hospital Limerick for observation.

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The airline says that they are assisting the stricken passengers with their onward travel arrangements and wish them a speedy recovery.