Limbo – the space between Irish and contemporary dance

Kristyn Fontanella, photographed by Lucy Dawson
Kristyn Fontanella, photographed by Lucy Dawson

DANCER and choreographer Kristyn Fontanella brings her new work ‘In Limbo’ to Dance Limerick this Thursday 15 at 8pm.

This new piece explores traditional Irish dance in a contemporary context and asks, “What is Irish dance… and the space between?”


As a trained Irish dancer working recently in contemporary dance, Fontanella has developed a sense of being in-between the perceived norms of both forms of dance.

She spent the last year researching movement that is influenced by both.

“Coming from quite a rigid and controlled dance background, I’m using my training in other dance forms to investigate how to move in an honest way, that still has a quality of the tradition in the movement.

“I’m seeking to break down the dance form to its essential elements and discover how this makes the dancer move in relation to the music – a simplified movement of traditional Irish dance”.

Supported by Arts Council, “I have been able to research and develop this vision with some young Irish dancers who are passionate about discovery and are willing to go outside their own comfort zone in this exploration”.

‘In Limbo’ will be performed by dancers Sibéal Davitt, Sarah Fennell, Kristyn Fontanella, Laura Lundy, Fiona McCabe, Aoife O’Brien, Cian O’Flynn and Kelsey Schule. Music is performed by Aisling Drost, Sharon Howley, Niamh Ní Bhriain and Kevin Prendergast.

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