#musiclimerick – New record shop opens in Limerick city centre

Limrock takes the top shelf at Steamboat Records

LIMERICK city centre has a record shop once again. Steamboat Records opened its door on Monday November 7 at 51 Thomas Street. The store carries a fine selection of Limerick-made recordings, Windings, Foxjaw and Anna’s Anchor to name a few. Steamboat Records has been opened by Mark Carey of Steamboat Music on Steamboat Quay and will carry a large selection of records, CDs, DVDs, videos, comics, musical instruments and other accessories and novelties.

In an era of music streaming, opening up a record store is a bold move but for Mark it is all about discovering new music.

“For me it was about discovering new music, I couldn’t imagine having grown up without a record store and that was something that was facing a lot of people. Some of the most influential albums and bands in my life were purchased solely on how the artwork looked or what the person in the store recommended.

“In the last year I’ve used spotify a lot and I just ended up listening to the same bands I always listened to, you don’t browse, you don’t discover and most importantly you don’t experience new music.

Taking top priority in Steamboat Records is music made by Limerick acts such as Windings new LP ‘Be Honest and Fear Not. Creativity in Limerick is on the crest of a wave, better than it has ever been, so perhaps Mark knows that this will be part of how an independant record store can stay afloat in 2016.

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“At 28, I can’t speak really on what Limerick’s music scene was like in the past but I do know what’s going on here now and I’d also be well aware of what’s in Cork and Galway and frankly Limerick’s original music scene is leaps and bounds ahead of what else is out there.

“Even in the last 12 months the quality of the new releases from Limerick bands is incredible. There is so much diversity and originality, they are a credit to Limerick, they really are.”

Steamboat Records is on 51 Thomas Street and Steamboat Music, the musical instrument shop is still on Steamboat Quay but has moved three doors down to a bigger premises.